Artist Profile: Fluoride

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There must be something in the water in New Brunswick because it never fails to churn out some truly incredible bands. With Fluoride, of course, being no exception to this rule but rather just about the best example we could ever possibly think of. They came out of (seemingly) nowhere this March, self-releasing their demo, a blistering attack of grindviolence that rarely, if ever, takes its foot off of your throat. Blast beats, shrieks, and manic guitar riffs abound, taking what is best from both of extreme music’s most music extreme subgenres and putting them together in a nice little package. Add to that an affinity for dense, deep walls of noise and that nice little package turns into a pretty wild creation.

And that’s not even mentioning their volatile, impassioned live performance which, as seen above, is a rather intense experience. Hopefully they decide to come back one day but until then their single S/T release and our fond memories of them will have to suffice.



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