Video: Casino Smoker

When I first got to State College, Casino Smoker was a myth, a legend, a band from a time past when everybody swore the scene was better (hey it isn’t bad now either). They were also a band everyone assured me was never coming back, ever, under any circumstances. I think that facade lasted for all of about two months before they asked me if they could hop on last minute to a show I booked. I was kinda hesitant, but mostly not really because I had 2 bands drop and needed some pull. Turned out it was the best decision I ever made as their particular brand of slacker-esque, self-deprecating punk was a perfect fit for the show.

Now I think they’re technically broken up again, but they are also supposed to play another show in June, so who really knows what’s going on anymore. The important thing, however, is that their music still shreds and that a State College local graced us with this video of one of their performances, which we highly recommend checking out. Below you can find their bandcamp too, just cause we want you to dig on the tunes even after the video is over.


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