Artist Profile: Street Sects

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A small artists create music beyond description. Street Sects is one of those few. The industrial noise duo hailing from Austin, Texas produces some of the most intense, harsh, and terrifying music in the genre. Their 2016 debut studio album End Position was met with critical acclaim, with theneedledrop’s Anthony Fantano simply saying “HOLY SHIT! THIS SHIT IS THE SHIT!”

Street Sects’ uniquely disturbing sound blurs one’s perception of reality. With music like this, their live show carries the same distortion of senses. In my years of enjoying live music, I have never been to a performance as intense as Street Sects. The fog filled, strobe driven show deprives one senses while also overloading them. The duo’s performance delivers an experience invoking isolation, fear, and helplessness, all driven by some of the most face-melting industrial music you have ever heard. Those are not normally feelings one would want to associate with their work, but goddamn does Street Sects make it the most amazing thing ever.





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